Adventure novel: Translucent civilization (Part 3)

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Jim suggests to Ana that they move to a higher part of the ruins, where most of the tourists are standing. There, they could have a better overview of the ruins, and blend among the other tourists. They do so, and just as they reach the top position, they see 3 people walking out of the Temple of the Sun – a couple walking in the direction of the Machu Picchu Mountain, and the third person walking in the diametrally other direction, towards Waynapicchu. Even though it was too far to see who the people are exactely, Ana and Jim are both sure that the person walking towards Waynapicchu is Diego. The person in the distance has this confident, slow style of walking which scared them so much when they were waiting in front of the hostel that first night in Cusco.

And in a few minutes, the couple which is walking towards Machu Picchu Mountain, which is in the same direction where Ana and Jim are standing, comes closer. Ana and Jim could both see it was the German couple. And the Germans, even though they paid a full entrance fee to Machu Picchu, don’t seem to be even slightly interested by the ruins themselves. Instead, they take out the binoculars and look in different directions around the ruins. The German couple then walks back down towards the Temple of the Sun, and Ana and Jim lose the sight of them. Full of adrenaline, Ana suggests to follow the Germans. The whole city is now already full of tourists, and Ana and Jim take a different path, the one that leads in the same direction where the Germans are going, but on the higher terrain. However, upon reaching the edge of Machu Picchu in that direction, any sight of the Germans is lost.

On all sides of Machu Picchu, built on the mountain top, there are many terraces above the steep mountain walls. The only way where the German couple could go out of Ana’s and Jim’s sight, could be one of those terraces above few hundred meters of steep mountain face. “But if they were on the terrace, they would be visible from above”, says Ana concerned in Slovene. She is right. There is no sign of them on the terraces, not on the path. They disappeared – or both of them fell down from Machu Picchu into the deep valley. Jim believes that is very unlikely, and full of adrenaline runs on top of the pyramid to the Temple, because from there, it’s possible to see a much larger part of the city. He hopes to see the Germans if they somehow managed to get away from his sight before – but they are not to be seen anywhere.

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Ana suggested to call the rescue team or police, but Jim was not so sure whether it makes sense to panic, since they don’t have any definite clue that anything happened to anybody. “Maybe they just picked some direction we didn’t think of, in the moment when we didn’t see them, and they’re walking the city”, he said to Ana. But Ana quickly reminded Jim about that morning talk in quechua they heard, and the strange behaviour of the Germans.

Little did Ana and Jim know, that somebody was watching how they are getting the clue that something strange was happening from above – from Waynapicchu, the mountain above Machu Picchu. …. read the next part of the novel here.

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