Tjaša&Jan Road Trip: from Slovenia to Monaco

Note: This is a guest post by Tjaša and Jan, a young couple from Slovenia on a road trip across Europe. They started their journey on 1st of July 2017 from Radenci, Slovenia and heading straight to Portugal to explore the beuaty of Europe. Because on every trip, a lot of wisedom is uncovered through adventure, we are very happy to share their diary with tips and thoughts on Sliva blog. Good luck on the road! 🙂 You can follow Tjaša and Jan on their adventures road trip on Instagram. 

Day 1: Bye-bye Slovenia 

Hyped saturday morning with so much to-do lists that our heads almost exploded, so therefore, we highly recommend to prepare everything, and with that I really mean everything except food, at least one week before the deadline. Try to write down things you need, it’s really hard to get everything written down in one day, so everytime you think of something usefull, you know what to do 🙂 .

8:00pm: Everything is ready and we are off to Monaco!

Tjaša&Jan Road Trip from Slovenia to Portugal
Tjaša&Jan Road Trip from Slovenia to Portugal

One thing we’d like to add here is that you should try to drive when the sun goes off, and right when it comes back up till noon. It’s much easier to avoid crowded highways and the sun.

We went straight to Italy, with a stop at the last gas station in Slovenia, Sežana. We filled up our tank with the intention that it will last us through Italy (gas is much more expensive there).

Day 2: Hello Monaco 🙂

We stopped at 1am in the morning on the highway resting area, it was not too crowded through the night, but there are also a lot of other people sleeping there so we thought it was safe to stay till the morning. We think it’s a good idea to stay at the resting area, because you can brush your teeth and wash your face in the morning, have breakfast and continue with your trip.

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Travel van, vehicle and house on wheels
Travel van, vehicle and house on wheels 🙂

It is better to drive early in the morning to avoid the hot sun in the noon, but we were to tired from driving the day befor, so we slept till 7am.

It was a Sunday, so the roads were clear and we could enjoy the ride to Monaco. Tjaša was doing some school work and drinking a lot of water, which made us stop every hour for a pee break.

We got to Monaco at around 3pm and were then on a search for a parking space. Parking garages are not to friendly to van drivers and we found that most of them have a hight limit at max 2 meters, 20cm short for us. There are a lot of new reads build there every year, so don’t rely on GPS, try to look for signs or ask locals for help. We found a parking garage called De La Digue, located at the port, which made it easy for us around the city center.

We didn’t know a lot about Monaco, so from our eyes it looked like a place for yacht and car enthusiasts, basicly high society folks.

Arrived to Monaco
Arrived to Monaco


Author: Tjasa and Jan

Tjaša & Jan, a dancing champion and instructor & a student of law school and action sports fan, are a young couple from Slovenia on their trip around the Old Continent with an adapted van.

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