Adventure novel: Translucent civilization (Part 4)

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Diego was standing on Waynapicchu and looking at Ana and Jim running around the Machu Picchu, looking for the Germans. He decided to descend from Waynapicchu back to the aincient city of Machu Picchu. Despite a very steep and dangerous path that leads to that mountain and normally takes about an hour to walk, Diego descended the mountain in less than 20 minutes. The way he walked above the deep abbbys was just as confident as that night in Cusco on the street, but three times faster. He was not at all worried about the steep abbys, but walked like if he was in the middle of the wide city street.

Ana and Jim were confused and walked towards the entrance/exit area of the Machu Picchu site, talking about what to do in Slovene. But before they managed to reach the area, Diego bumped in them from one of the Machu Picchu buildings: “Holaaa amigos!”. Surprised and confused, not knowing how to really react, Jim tries to stay calm: “Hola Diego! Estas ya aqui?” … “Yes, I already climbed Waynapicchu” responds Diego. Ana stands behind Jim and kicks his right hand. Both Ana and Jim knew that he went to Waynapicchu, but Jim didn’t even think that Diego could know what was going on between them and the Germans in the meantime. Ana was suspicious, and Jim wanted to know what she has to say after she bumped him. “We need to go to the toilet, and then we can meet here at the entrance?” he said. “Allright, I can wait for you just outside of the toilet” said Diego. Jim became suspicious – why would Diego want to follow them outside of the Machu Picchu site all the way to the toilet area? Why wouldn’t he just wait inside until they come back if he trusted them? Something is strange. “It’s ok, you can wait here, we’ll find the toilet” says Jim, but Diego insists: “It’s ok, I’ve been here many times before. I can accompany you on the way to the toilets.”

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Just before they entered the toilets, each of them through different doors, Ana said to Jim in Slovene: “He may know we were looking for Germans” and smiled innocently. Jim smiled back, giving Diego the impression that they’re exchanging some joke. But Diego knew enough about what they knew, to know that they are suspicious.

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