Minimalist camping hacks & packing list

Would like to do minimalist camping with a minimum amount of equipment and don’t know where to start? You’re on the right place 🙂 I have put together some minimalist camping tips you can use, as well as a packing list for every minimalist camper.

By doing minimalist camping, what I have in mind is camping with a minimum amount of equipment and a small tent. This may be the preferred way of camping if you want to travel light to the destination (eg. by carrying all of the camping equipment to a campsite – hiking or somehow differently; or when traveling only with a carry-on baggage on the plane).

Minimalist hiker
Minimalist hiker is carrying minimum amount of equipment for camping.

Minimalist camping hacks 

-> In a cooler climate, and if having a minimal, thin sleeping bag, then dress plenty of clothes. If it feels too warm, then open your sleeping bag, and wait for the moment when you start feeling the cold. Normally, just with the first light, it gets cooler and if not sooner, probably then you will get just barely enough awake that it will make sense for you to close your sleeping bag and enjoy the rest of the sleep being warm.

-> If it gets too cold and there is a hot shower nearby, use it – it helps. If not, put on more clothes.

-> Whenever camping, have your earplugs handy, so in case of noise, you can put them in your ears. And sleep on.

-> Don’t drink before sleeping, unless really necessary. That way, you will reduce the chance for the walk in the cold to the toilet.

-> Need a pillow? What I do almost always is filling some clothes in the bag of a sleeping bag, and use this as a pillow. It’s comfy!

-> Try to put a tent in a place which is: (1) flat, (2) drained, (3) in the shadow in the morning. That way, you will sleep better – and longer in the morning. 🙂

camping in woods
Camping in the middle of woods with the minimum amount of camping equipment can be quite an adventure.

-> Using a simple foamy sleeping mattress, or even being without one, sleeping in positions you may be used to from home, can get painful. Have a strategy for your sleep: you may want to start on the back, then bend over to one of your hips, then to another, and alternate those positions through the night. From experience, after a week or so, sleeping on the solid ground will feel just as fine as sleeping on the bed. 🙂

Minimalist camping packing list

If you want to travel and camp in the most minimalistic way possible, but still have enough comfort to do everything you want, here is a minimalist camping packing list which may come in handy:

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Cooking on a campfire
Cooking on a campfire.
  • A “swiss knife” which includes a spoon, fork, and a knife. If possible buy one which also has a bottle opener, like this Practical outdoor cutlery, you will need it.
  • A water bottle for hydration. Although I prefer glass bottles in everyday life, they are not very in handy when hiking and camping as they are heavy. While plastic bottles often give a strange taste to a water. I like the ones made from aluminum as they are light, plus the water will not get a “plastic” taste. I have a water bottle from Quechua and so far I like it a lot.
  • And a big smile on your face. 🙂

Ok, now it’s time for you to pack and go for a minimalist camping adventure. When you come back, don’t forget to let us know how it was.

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Minimalist camping hacks & packing list Minimalist camping hacks & packing list Minimalist camping hacks & packing list


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