Essentials for multiday trekking-camping trip

If you are hiking with the tent, where the tent provides you with the shelter, you may want to be a bit more picky with your equipment. Here go some experience-based observations and suggestions about the 3 essential pieces of equipment for multiday trekking-camping trip: the tent, the sleeping mat and, the sleeping bag.

The tent choice

The choice of your tent depends on whether you are doing the hike solo, or there are 2 or more of you.
If going solo, the way to go is probably a specialized hiking tent. They usually pack very small, weight a little, and provide shelter for 1 person and some basic belongings.

If going in pair, the best thing to use is likely the 2-person dome tent with a compartment for the luggage and shoes.

2-person camping tent
Our 2-person tent for a multiday trekking-camping trip.

This kind of tent will let 2 persons sleep comfortably, while folding away small and light, and being quick to set up or dismount. At the same time, the luggage compartment keeps your belongings dry and a bit more safe than if they were just placed outside of the tent. The weight and space used is quite similar to the one of our little green tent. And you can get a very decent tent of this type for a real bargain.

A sleeping mat choice

A sleeping mat: despite looking like a bit unnecessady piece of equipment if going out on very warm days, it is definitely something you will need on cooler days or if the ground is moist or wet. Speaking out of experience, no sleeping bag, not even 2, can guarantee that your back – or whatever part of the body is touching the ground – will be warm. This is why some layer of insulation, which adds some comfort, is essential on slightly cooler (eg 10 degrees in the night) days. For long hiking trips, usually the self-inflating mats of the length of 65 cm or so can be a good compromise that keeps your upper body warm, while taking a really minimum space and adding minimum weight. For comfort, of course you may opt to full-body-length one – but you will need to carry it around! 🙂

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Our pick of a sleeping mat for a multiday trekking-camping trip is Flyton sleeping mat.

A sleeping bag choice

The third essential part is a sleeping bag. If walking or biking with equipment, you may want a lightweight sleeping bag that offers the right insulation. This may well be the most expensive of the articles, mentioned in this article, and a lot of comfort depends on it. Either you sleep well, either you wake up because of the cold. Down filling is the best in terms of the weight/space/warmth ratio, but some artificial foam fillings are quite good enough, too. Pick a rating of temperature which is a bit lower than the temperatures you will camp in.

Our pick of a sleeeping bag for a multiday trekking-camping trip is Viking Trek sleeping bag. 

This is my piece of advice for multiday trekking-camping trip essentials. Should you have anything smart to add, I’m happy to learn – just let me know in the comments below. Thanks!


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Essentials for multiday trekking-camping trip Essentials for multiday trekking-camping trip Essentials for multiday trekking-camping trip

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