Visiting Perth in 3 days

In November, during our trip to Australasia region of the World, our first stop in Australia was Perth. The only big city in Western Australia, Perth seemed somehow a special city to us. We have seen many cities, but Perth had a special mix of old, new, vegetation, calmness and cleanliness. This is a very subjective observation, though, but what we noticed was that:

  • the center is a mixture of an old building with historic importance, and new skyscrapers and modern metropolitan buildings, and very clean
  • the public transport is clean, fairly regular and useful, though quite pricey
  • there is a lot of vegetation in the city, and even while walking in the city, one may smell very pleasant smells from the plants on the street, or small parks
  • the city as such is very clean and seemed very livable and good place to stay in general

Anyway, since we had only 3 days in Perth, we did a bit of research online and came up with a bunch of ideas what to do. Here is what we managed to visit and can definitely recommend:

Day 1: Take a stroll around the city center.

Hay Street is one of the old streets, closed for traffic in the central area, where you may see some old buildings. His Majesty Theatre is a great building to check out, as well The Perth Mint. In the area, you will see a bunch of buildings, including churches, from the past. Just take a stroll around and keep your eyes open.

Walking around the Perth city. In Perth city center there is a nice mixture of an old and modern metropolitan architecture.
Walking around the Perth city. In Perth city center there is a nice mixture of an old and modern metropolitan architecture.
Visiting the Perth Mint
Visiting the Perth Mint in Western Australia – a manufacturer, and distributor of platinum, silver and gold coins for collectors and customers worldwide.
His Majesty's Theatre in Perth, Western Australia
His Majesty’s Theatre in Perth, Western Australia

Day 2: Visit the Kings Park.

The park has an amazing view of the city as well as the river and offers plenty of space for a walk. We used GPS to navigate to the park and found out that we took the wrong way – walking along the bike tracks. On the way back, we discovered the more optimal way: if you walk through the Hay Street and through the center, at some point you will come close to the end of the pedestrian area, and keep left. You should see many people walking, as there is a bridge for pedestrians, crossing the roads, to take you from the city to the park.

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Kings Park
A nice view of the Perth city from the Kings Park.

Day 3: Visit Fremantle.

There is “Old Gaol“, or the old prison, there. Amazing site with a great history. I won’t write it here – it makes sense to go there and discover it for yourself. 🙂 In Freemantle, you may also visit a beach which is close to a nice park, full of diverse birds. They also have the Fremantle Market, which is a must-visit thing: it’s kind of famous in the area, and you can find all kinds of good stuff there, including the very yummy fruit. To get to and from Freemantle, both the buses and trains will serve you. The trains is considerably faster, so if you did your “day 1 stroll around the city” well and know where the underground stations are, I’d suggest you to take the train. Otherwise, a city bus will do the job. We went with a different transport in each direction, and both are very nice – and the price is the same.

Old Gaol, Freemantle prison.
Old Gaol, Fremantle prison. Somebody is escaping the prison…. 🙂
Bathers Beach_Freemantle beach
Fremantle has quite some nice beaches. We have visited Bathers Beach and then make a short walk along the coastline.
Freemantle Market
Fremantle Market. When traveling we love to visit local markets and supply ourselves with fresh and delicious food.
Freemantle city
Interesting Fremantle city street art 🙂

That’s it, a short 3 days Perth itinerary we did. 🙂 Suggestions? Welcome in the comments box below!

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