Best tools and apps for travel

Here are some essential tools and apps that I use on my phone when travelling:

  • an app for making notes on the smartphone for any travel-related notes, such as to note down places where to go, or any other little pieces of information. There is some kind of notepad on every smartphone available, or else open up your store and search for the most popular notepad. πŸ™‚
  • skyscanner to buy the flight tickets. This thing is just amazing, it helps you find flight connections and best prices among a range of airlines.
  • to book your hostels and hotels. If you don’t find anything suitable on, go check also Airbnb.
  • A must have is the ability to turn on the flash light on your smartphone. You will need it sooner or later. If you can’t do it easily from the menu, there is an app for that! πŸ™‚
  • For adventure travel and trail hiking, running or cycling, download an app which can read GPX files, and find the GPX tracks you need. This is one of my favourites.
  • A must have is a navigation application in which you can download maps and store them on your phone, such as Here Maps. If you are abroad and your data charges are high, then a maps application with offline maps will make your life much easier – either when planning how to get somewhere, or when bargaining for the taxi price and knowing “how far it really is to there”.

Best tools and apps for travel

  • If you are travelling to a country with a different currency, install also a currency converter app and make sure it downloads the currency data and works offline.
  • If you are more of an adventurer, then CouchSurfing may be a good idea – it’s an app that helps you find couches that people share around your locations. Similar thing, but for sharing a ride to a certain place, is called BlaBlaCar.
  • For surf forecasts, I also use magicseaweed application, which is available for pretty much all major platforms, including Windows Phone.
  • A compass and a sports tracker app may be useful as well, if you are venturing to the unknown trails – to be able to find back home when necessary.
  • If abroad, you should also download an app which will help you text or voicecall with your beloved ones over the Internet – that way, you will save a massive amount of money on the phone. Among the most popular are Skype and WhatsApp.
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With all those applications, it is very useful to take with you also a portable batery charger, here are some good and cheap ones. And that’s it! Don’t forget to load your phone with some good music, take the headphones, and you are good to go!

Which apps and tools do you use most when traveling? Any suggestions?


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