Question answered: How to extend life of running shoes?

The rule is very simple: use them for running only, and clean them with non-agressive substances, such as water and soap, or clothes washing detergent. Definitely don’t play basketball or football with them, because the aggressive running in multiple directions with those sports will produce the first small tearings which will then quickly destroy the shoe. Keep them away from the salty seawater, but if they come in contact with it, rinse them with clean water. Salt will make them decay quickly. Keep them away from sharp objects. I destroyed one pair by running in the woods where there was a lot of spikes.

Extend the life of your running shoes
Extend the life of your running shoes

How to wash running shoes to extend their life?

The best way is to submerge them in a bucket of water with detergent or soap added to it for a few hours, so that the dirt releases. After that, you can wash them manually, and flush them in 2 or 3 buckets of fresh water. You really want to flush them well in the end.
If they still have a bad smell, or if they produce skin trouble (small skin fungus), use an odour removal tool like this one from Scholl, Fresh Step Foot Deodorant.

It is also very popular to wash them in the washing machine. In this case, use the least aggressive washing and centrifugal spinning program. It is also recommended to rinse your running shoes twice.
If there is a waterproof membrane built-in the shoes, use a conditioner for the waterproof membrane when washing. This is the one I can recommend: Grangers Performance Wash Cleaner. This will assure they stay waterproof.

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